Breathing In Spirit

"The word inspire comes from two Latin words: in (in) and spirare (to breathe).  Spirare, in turn, is related to the Latin spirit.  Thus, the word inspire was used in older times to indicate that someone was "breathing in spirit," or drawing in divine energy."

~Stephen Co

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Taking Time to Shine

2503213-1284939-thumbnail.jpgOnly a few short years ago, I would never have considered being so very public with my artistic and creative side.

In fact, a small part of me is still a bit reserved about exposing this side of me.

I think that is the pretentious artist in me, that tends to think that the art is a personal expression, and if it is created as a gift, that the art is for that person alone.

But I'm not really pretentious.  I'm just shy.  And probably a bit self diminishing.

Well, I was.  I'm not anymore.

I have the angels to thank for that.  My talents are truly a gift from God.  Which I am ever so grateful for.  And the angels have been working very hard on his(her) behalf over the past few years to get me to realize that my gift is worthy of sharing with the world.

Through many messages, along a path that has unfolded and opened up in delightful and awe inspiring ways, and with the encouragement of virtual friends of the earth angel persuasion, I came to unfurl, and spread my wings.  I came to embrace my gifts.  And I shed that pretentious coat of arms.

In my present frame of mind and change of heart, sharing and encouraging is more the style I wear.  And I'm liking the fit.

Who knew?!

~Well.  I know who knew. 

And I'm glad it didn't take a brick in the noggin to clue me in!

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Reader Comments (2)

~** Namaste Noreen

Your Inspiring Gallery is truly wonderful! Congratulations on your Unfurling :)

Love Maryanne }I{ **~
July 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMaryanne
well.. it's like I knew!
May 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterElumnDum

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