Noreen has been assisting with the organization of Bay Area Metaphysics Meetup group since its inception in late 2006. Faithfully observing the divine call to serve with the facilitating of local spiritual awareness workshops and classes.

Noreen's spiritual shifts began long before she ever became completely cognizant of them. A lifelong student of the ever evasive quest for inner peace, it was only after breaking free from the solo study and following the call to share with a community of like-minded souls did the true nature of the learning make itself known.

When Noreen's call came to expand her circle of like-minded souls, she began medit8ng at yuku, Where she is moderating with a group of like-minded seekers in the study of the angelic realm. Through this group, Noreen ventured into making a few contributions to a weekly newsletter and is expanding upon her writing skills with each new day.

Noreen is currently employed in a large retail company, working in the advertising department. While she enjoys her work, her true passion has been opening to artistic expression, combined with spiritual awareness, and writing, and of course sharing this amazing journey with fellow soul travelers.