Breathing In Spirit

"The word inspire comes from two Latin words: in (in) and spirare (to breathe).  Spirare, in turn, is related to the Latin spirit.  Thus, the word inspire was used in older times to indicate that someone was "breathing in spirit," or drawing in divine energy."

~Stephen Co

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Embracing my Darkest Shadows


"To Realize one's destiny
is a person's only obligation"

~Paulo Coelho
from The Alchemist

Hello, Beloved.

The sounds of the strings pull me once more to reach deep and connect with the ancient echoes of my heart and soul.
I listen to Natalie MacMaster’s live performance of David’s Jig as it plays for me now on Pandora. 
And I adore how my ancestors call my story back to me once more.

Some will know the family relation to that name.
Some may have no clue what that even means.
That’s okay, too.

This particular letter is for you.

Called to come before my own mirror, as I look outward and process all of the many mirrors reflected back to me with each new day, I knew I must also look inward to process all of the many triggers these reflections are directing me towards for healing. This has been my work, my process, my journey.

As I have done many, many times during this inner journey my entire life,
I stood before the mirror back in July.

This particular time, though I was deep into ceremonially working with metaphor and self-expression.
During this peeling away of false identity, there was little pain.
Only around my eyes did the mask stick and resist gentle release.
~Shifting the direction of my ability to see.
I came at the release from another angle, and found that able to go with less effort.
Until the moment it was finally peeled away, there was only determination remaining.
Then the rush of freedom was powerful, and truthfully,
using words to describe this ‘peeling away of words’ fails to fully convey.

I knew already the healed aspects of the many layers of my projected mask crafted with ink and glue.
Identified through and through, I touched each aspect of these words, danced with them in deep introspection. These are shadow dances, and are a necessary aspect of healing.

Time moves on, and months later, I can now brave face and make this part of my journey known.

How did I get here?

Through intention and persistence.
Graced by the blessing of forgiveness.

You see, like these words peeled away, no longer my anchor
~Doubt… Insecurities… Fear… Shame… Guilt… Anger…
Held fast in the glue that once bound them to my face,
I know that their power is nullified as I see only love reflected back to me in their place.

Gratitude follows. This allows more forgiveness to rise up within.

My love, in your woundedness, knowing not what you have done,
You have given all aspects of this reality to me to unravel and make peace with.
Such a noble offering wrapped up in an abusive and violating gift.
Shadows hiding the power of the love deeply hidden inside,
Your wounding, now mine.
I heal us both in one peeling away of my pride.

There will come a time that this healing is more deeply revealed and shared with those that have no clue what this all means.

For now, this revelation serves as one place to start.
This offering of gratitude to the demons once dancing in the dark within.
I release you from your service to the sacred in me.
And thereby from us all.

Dear Beloved,
May your suffering be eased as your last days remain to be fulfilled.
May you know that this forgiveness I offer has the ability to help you to also heal.
May you make your final journey home to your own sacred heart with grace and ease.
And may our ancestors in both directions of time feel the weight lift from our shoulders,
as our masks crumble in the power of our facing our inner darkness with the Divine light of love.