Breathing In Spirit

"The word inspire comes from two Latin words: in (in) and spirare (to breathe).  Spirare, in turn, is related to the Latin spirit.  Thus, the word inspire was used in older times to indicate that someone was "breathing in spirit," or drawing in divine energy."

~Stephen Co

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Moving in Stillness

"So the darkness shall be the light
and the stillness
the dancing"

~T.S. Elliot

Walk with me today, please.
A story is being born here.
Coming to life through the air that I breathe.

I ask for a little patience as you journey here alongside of me while we navigate the unfurling of a dream.

Many versions of this next chapter of a life in review have been written.
I have piles of handwritten words,
typed words filling multiple sources for recording purposes,
and images upon images worth even more words than I can count.
All capturing a moment, hoping to become a page,
even if only depicting a fleeting glimpse of a bigger story.
A story of Co-creation. 

This version, here in blog form, has come to mean more to me than I first envisioned.  I hope to express that concept more fully as the writing continues, but can give a glimpse into what I mean by that as I explain how today's blog came to be posted.

I have been nudged by Great Spirit for as long as I can remember.
I have tried to pay heed to the call of that force that is greater than my ability to conceive of its essence.
Trust is an interesting thing.

So is co-creation.

I journal quite extensively now, a practice I first took up as a very young girl.
In this journaling process, both in written and audio recorded files, I begin first with listening to that stillness inside to observe and receive the title and then will expand upon those words in freeform flow, allowing the current of mental murk swimming about me to shift into a slower, deeper and more still movement. Here is where the ability to receive allows for the words to coalesce into some cohesive form.

All of the sensory input I've stored through my experiences  -the sights, sounds, fragrances, textures, tastes, and energetic frequencies- are available and become nourishment for the growth of an idea.  I've come to learn along the path of this journaling process an inner language that is symbolic and elemental in nature and that is deeply connected to the rhythms of the Earth, Sun, Sky and Sea.

The excerpt posted below is a part of that journaling process as written.

It comes after I had watched the eagerly anticipated new song from a favorite inspirational source.

(You're now whole heartedly encouraged and welcome to further explore this beautiful inspiration along with me and the rapidly growing Medicine Tribe by visiting Nahko's website.)

And it came before I sat down at the computer in preparation for posting to the blog. It had been some time since I used the format where my blog is hosted, and some refreshing of what goes on behind the curtain was in order. Along the way to getting here, now, I re-read the last couple of blog entries that were birthed through this trusting of that Great essence.

Perhaps posting the excerpt now will help illustrate... 

Moving In Stillness

Interesting day, as it has so far presented.
Interest yields rewards, so they say.
Disinterest is seeded in the stillness,
and this is where I play today.

"Moving in stillness"
What does that title represent?

For me, it is symbolic of how I wake and seek the flow of the Sacred's voice within, 
and find my way of observing it.

Each day that I wake, I find that there are wisps of slumber-land's story blanketing my awareness.
Some days, the wisps are caresses of fresh air,
other times, the stagnant and bitter residue of unresolved nightmare-mists cast a shadow over me.

This morning, waking from last night's sweet dreams,
as I am parting from the lure of the deep slumber's grip
thoughts of being present and in graceful cognizance of the Beloved 
start to shimmer and dance within and all around me.
Another day begins.

Through the window, facing east, the hills across the river of motion are mist covered, and cloud laden.
Nourishing and much needed rain is on the way, though not yet reaching the ground.

Dressed now, and quickly prepared to begin a new day,
Resuming the pattern of routine and morning ritual 
allows for the call of Sacred Voices to wake along with me.
Some begin to sing, others retell stories from days of 'you're'.

Hah! like what I did there?
Switching up Yore with You're?
That's bound to cause quite the stir.

Listening to the call of these Sacred Voices within requires a quiet inner stillness.
And all the while the movement through daily experience and each unfolding moment 
spins around this tranquil eye of the storm.

Seedlings planted before the first breath I inhaled sprout only after a fire.
All successive breaths since that inception of this life have each also held viable seeds.
As this growth is organic and divinely structured beyond my will, 
all elements of alchemy are required for nature to take its course.

~Visions of forging forth come to me riding a warrior horse.
Singing a song of Prisons 
and offering keys of Forgiveness.

I purposefully till the soil of this garden where I play.
The air about me is the current upon which many mystical wonders ride.
It becomes redolent now with earth's essence via ancient oils;
Amber, frankincense and myrrh ~permeating sensory perception 
where symbols and reflective shining prisms reveal caverns in which I may, or may not hide.

Dressed, now anointed, and ready to begin another waking dreamdance,
The mind seeks to read the seasons, and to know which ground needs to be made clear.
So, here, I may prune a bit. 
May even add more nutrients to the soil.
Depending on the calendar and random happenstance.

It's the 8th of April. 
Lenny speaks today of coffin, and a key.

[get permission to insert video link to Nahko & M4tP -San Quentin]

Video images resurface in my mind's eye,
revealing symbolism in stark contrast.

Father. Son. Shackles. Table. Key.

Father; wonders if this child is His son
Son; His father's life taken by the man before him now.
Shackles; Binding the freedom of flight of both of these souls.
Table; Concepts/discussions ~eye for an eye. Laying it all here.
Key; Unlocks the power within.

Breaks the chain.

Expanding upon Coffin and Key;
Garden, Sun, and Coffin now appear before me.

I come to see how the sharing of the video and the images of life it profoundly contains
is radiant in this communal garden of blooms. Its liberation is uplifting, and so perfectly timed.
The end is the beginning, the key easily uncuffs the chains.

Sparking inspiration for me to break free.
More cards, first. 
Before I do.

Shaman wisdom: Goldenseal
keywords: Masculine/South/Sun/Fire
~getting to the root and lovingly communicating it heals.

A dose of Medicine from another Bear: Heron arrives
Symbolically, that's a great big Whoa!

[printed words from Avia Venefica, What's Your Sign?]

Also checked in with Bear Medicinewalker for her sage words to acompany her oracle card.
'Heron teaches us to find balance with our inner truths'
and speaks of patience, and of taking action at just the precise time.

Moving in stillness.
Like the long legged Heron does.
~Transgressing between multiple dimensions 
and the mystical elements of alchemy.


Sweetly, and divinely, Spirit sits me down at my computer, and I listen.

after the symbols have been activated and charged with my intention.
Before I travel back in my own time to recall the first Spirit nudges to dance between dimensions.

This is where I recognize that the nudges to update the blog I've been receiving over the past month will no longer be denied. Where I realise that the time to emerge from my caverns of self imposed imprisonment must come to an end.

Re-reading the last few blog posts at this point in the process becomes (for me) more of the internal and universe feedback loop that I have come to know and trust as divinity in action.

Reading once more about my beloved pet's passing, and all of the associations that come with the names, places, and things involved with those last few blog posts -spanning a number of years- acts as a Divine exclamation point for me, effectively being a 'brick over the head' if you will.

Movement from Stillness
Coffin is the Key.

At least it is today, for me.


P.S. I'm on facebook using that same dog's name as a virtual tattoo in his honor.
That's where I've been regularly posting many teeny bits of the inspiration that has been flowing full force since the blog hiatus.

Perhaps it's time for a breathinginspirit facebook page?

Baby steps, sweet child.  
Baby steps.