Breathing In Spirit

"The word inspire comes from two Latin words: in (in) and spirare (to breathe).  Spirare, in turn, is related to the Latin spirit.  Thus, the word inspire was used in older times to indicate that someone was "breathing in spirit," or drawing in divine energy."

~Stephen Co

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Knocking on the Heart

As in the process of purgation that Dante described,
the rewards of a journey are sometimes
commensurate with its difficulty,
especially when the goal of the journey is
coming home to the heart.

~Robert Moss

Last month I came across that quote while I was reading “Dreamer’s Book of the Dead” by Robert Moss.  The quote had a gentle way of touching upon something that I had just experienced.

 The previous night, I was already running late to a local meetup that was in alignment with various subjects that I’ve been studying.  Not really knowing what to expect from ‘Kundalini Reiki with Ascended Master Kuthumi”, I was open to learn new and exciting things. With mapped address for the workshop in hand, and eagerness in my heart, I set out to explore.

 So, there I was, following the online map, directly to the wrong location. 
Well, the apartment complex was huge!  The map got me close, but the actual building was not in my sights.

 The meetup organizer did expect me to be about 15 minutes late, so at first I was not too worried with the slight delay.  No problem; I know someone on the inside!  I’ll send a quick text! 
I type “knock, knock”. 
Figuring if they haven’t already turned off the phones, I’ll be sitting in circle in no time.

 I’m standing in a light rain, peering at the complex directory map, looking for the building number, and think if I just look a little longer, it’ll show up! 

Next text; “I’m lost.  I don’t see 1010 on the map”.

 Okay, I’ll drive to another driveway and check another complex directory.  
I am just between that almost there, and that too late to turn back now place. 
I’m thinking, Okay, if I’m not meant to be at that workshop, that’s good too. 
And if I am, then I’ll find it and arrive in perfect time. 
Five minutes later, with no reply from my girl on the inside, I send one last text:  “Guess that’s a sign”.

 Shortly after trying two more driveways, and peering through the rain at more complex directories, I finally find the building. Woo-who!

I’m beyond late, and arrive with a mingled sense of accomplishment, and disconcertment, as I disrupt the circle to settle in alongside a few others that had also shared my difficulty with the map program misdirection.  The beauty of it all was the warm welcome I received, along with the graceful return to the unity and flow of the meeting, allowing a very rapid shedding of my remorse at being so late and opening me to the comfort and ease within the group instantly.

 The event was a delightful learning experience, and truly heart opening.  Filled with confirmation that “I am awake and getting the messages, and that I am on the right path” (even if a tad bit late).  I arrive at home with the energy still buzzing through me to find that I have received word that I am able to participate in an art project that I had been on standby for.  Oh my, hooray!!

 An opening has provided me with the opportunity to work on “Heaven Cent”, the piece that I was inspired to do as I was focused on working with “The Penny Experiment” project.

 I came across the Penny Experiment via that afore mentioned girl on the inside.  She’s quite the budding artist, and a dear friend and soul sister.  She’s a bit of a muse for me.  Inspiration in action, that woman.  It was a stumble upon from her blog that led me to The Penny Experiment.  But I found it almost two months too late!  (Gee, get the feeling I have a chronic tardy issue?)

 My timing may not have been right, ..Or was it? 

I was getting on standby to participate. This much I knew.  Even though a number would become available only if one of the already chosen one-hundred artists could not meet their agreement to contribute, I ignored the odds. 
I completely imagined myself getting number thirty-three.  Or forty-four.  Or seventy-seven. 
Or some cool master number like that..  My all time lifelong favorite number has always been number three. 
As I set the intention for the standby status to become active participation, I was holding the vibration of the perfect number and began to vision the piece I would contribute.  Angels were at work, and ideas like pennies from heaven came to mind (and heart).  I got art supplies, and found my penny..
Then I let go of the outcome. 
In fact, about a week had passed before I came home from that Kundalini Reiki with Ascended Master Kuthumi workshop.

 Oh my, Hip, Hip, Hooray!  I was simply astounded when I received word that the number that had in fact become available for my entry turned out to be number thirty-three!  How Divine!

 From Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers book:  #33  Many ascended masters surround you and assist you in all ways.  They’ve come to help you with your mission, and to answer your prayers.

 Well, no kidding!  And talk about Perfect timing and coming home to the heart!  And truthfully, I couldn’t think of a more deserving mission than “The Penny Experiment”  Please go check it out, and see just how many lives can be touched by a single penny.  "Heaven Cent", or otherwise.



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