Guide Dance
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 09:53PM

This mystery of me has been calling.

Been doing my best to listen.

Finding much neglected (and almost forgotten) aspects of self that have been bringing great things to me, like; delight, wonder, curiosity, and deepening faith.

There is a deeper story about to be told.

New mythology, dreamed.    

Old wounds, healed.

Timeless growth about to unfold.

This is the time and place for renewal, regeneration, and reawakening. It may come about in a flurry, or at a snail's pace, but I can truthfully reveal that no matter the tempo, I am so ready for this. So very warrior ready.

Breathing in Spirit has been in hibernation mode.

Two years have passed since my last pondering. Well, the last post about having pondered, anyway. 

Much has been germinating and even I look forward to seeing the bloom being revealed.

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